For Teachers

The project consists of three parts:

1. Investigating the various ways we represent time. The students should have time to create different ways to show their understanding of time. How can you represent 3 o'clock in the afternoon? What does am and pm mean? Why do some people choose to write in military time format? Why is the world split into time zones? How can you make sure everyone knows when to attend a meeting with someone via Skype if you are in different time zones? This part of the project is done within the confines of your building.

2. Sharing our day. The students can write a script for an audio or video project, take photos, or draw pictures to share what happens during different time periods of the school day. For some examples from a previous project, you can look here.

3. Skype another school. The teachers can arrange a mutually convenient time to share a Skype call with a partner class. In advance, the class should prepare questions for their partners based on the information shared in part two.

I have worked on a similar project on the Time Zone Experiences wiki from 2008-2011. The project was originally started by Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard. I took over the project in 2009. I've moved the project to this new wiki in order to change the format of the project.

The time frame:

The project will begin in October 2011 and continue through May 2012. The teachers will be provided with a link to the contact information for other teachers working on Sharing Time. There is no set schedule for completion of each of the three tasks. It would be helpful to have part one and two completed by March so that the students have time to review the work of the other classrooms and participate in a Skype chat in April/May.

Useful Web Sites:

The World Clock - Time Zone Converter